The main goal of all the professionals involved with the treatment of mental health and in the education is to help their patients or their pupils to feel better, through the relationship and the talk therapy as main instruments. Psychological tests, known since long time and well-established in terms of validity and reliability, have proven to be equally powerful instruments to this task.

Without ignoring these requirements, but on the contrary considering them essentials, I specialized in the use of tests according to the collaborative framework, developing collaborative Assessment packages, as additional instrument available to interested professionals.

This brand new theoretical framework in Italy is inspired to the research and the work of Dr. Stephen E. Finn, founder of the Center for Therapeutic Assessment in Austin, TX.

Collaborative refers to the clinician stance where the clinician himself is the one interested in helping the clients in an innovative way. The tests are used not only in order to diagnose a disease and plan a treatment, but in particular to generate positive changes in the clients. They are no longer passive actors, but active figures as the clinicians, intrigued by themselves, by their characteristics and their behaviors: the clinician’s, sender’s and client’s curiosity is one of the essential ingredients that drives the whole experience, both during the selection of the tests and during the final review.

Needed by clinicians, the collaborative Assessment packages have demonstrated to be especially useful to both in the preliminary phases of a therapeutical work and in the more advanced phases, in order to clarify specific topics or to overcame obstacles during an ongoing therapeutical work.

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