This website is about Psychology, my job, my “Itineraries of Psychology”.

This is the home page and you can choose where you prefer to snoop around: it could be interesting to know something about my education or the people I can help with my competencies.
In the “Questions&Answers”-page, I have grouped together the most frequently asked questions, answering to them. It could be exactly what you need.
If not, in the “Contact page”, you can find different ways to reach me directly, considering the Skype-button too, at the top of every page of the website.
I am also on LinkedIn and Facebook (buttons at the top of the page).

You should have noticed a “Clipboard” section: it is an in-progress-space, where I will post articles, interesting information or strange and curious news I will share on the blog you will be automatically re-addressed. They will range over a wide variety of subjects: from Psychology to Biology and nutrition. Because the Human Being is not only made of mind, but of a body to care of and nourish in a conscious way too.

All I can wish you is enjoy surfing on these Itineraries.