The educational path of those years consisted in deepening different subjects and items, since the compulsory education. This is a section that I will keep regularly updated: I consider that my training, personal and professional, never stops.

After the humanistic-program high school, I chose the biological sciences, valuing most the scientific topics: I attended the five-year academic course in Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Biology of the Insubria University (Varese, Italy). In November 2002, I graduated with an experimental Thesis, titled: “Functional role of kinases-protein, selectively involved into neurodegenerative diseases models”: it comes from the project set up at the Newron Pharmaceuticals’ laboratories, a small pharmaceutical company in Milan, that specifically studies degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.

As a result of the successful collaboration with my boss, I was offered a position as a Junior Researcher and a time-limited contract, from 2002 to 2005. During this period, I developed more the research project I was working on during my thesis, focusing in particular on Parkinson’s Disease.

In this period, the interest on biology and its mechanisms was as strong as the curiosity for the psychological world. It become so intense that I decided to achieve the degree in Psychology at the Milan Catholic University of Sacred Heart. After the three-year degree in “Psychological Sciences and Technologies”, I chose the two-year specialization in “Clinical Psychology: health, family relationships and community intervention”, successfully concluded in December 2009. Both paths were ended by the discussion of a thesis, the first one about the psychological aspects of the communication, the second one about the state-of-the-art of the intergenerational transmission of the Attachment. I spent several years studying the Attachment Theory, attending two specialization courses, from basic to advanced: in both cases, the teacher was Prof. Grazia Attili, ordinary Professor of Social Psychology at the “Sapienza” University in Rome and member of the Social Sciences Department, as Director of the Research about “Attachment and Complex Social Systems”.

Next step has been the practical training in the Childhood Neuropsychiatry ward in the Hospital of Saronno. After having successfully completed it, I attended the professional Examination as Psychologist, to comply with the italian regulation. I chose this area, both for my affinity with children, the principal target patients of the ward, and for the interest in tests and psychological evaluation. I started in April 2009 and keep offering my services once a week on a voluntuary base. Through this training, I could build experience in managing the psychological tests. To have a deeper knowledge, I decided to attend the one-year Master “Collaborative use of tests in clinic and psychotherapy”, organized by Alta Scuola Agostino Gemelli in Milan, and successfully concluded in March 2011, with the discussion of a small experimental thesis.

Since March 2011, I work as Psychologist, specialized in Psychodiagnosis in private practice in Saronno.

Moreover, I collaborate with “Mara Selvini Center”, in Saronno as well. In the past years, I had the opportunity to work as psychologist trainee for the same centre. I worked on eating disorders and on two different projects, involving high school students of “Istituto Suore Orsoline di S. Carlo” (Saronno).

During the first half of 2012, I attended severals seminars, focused on the collaborative use of psychological tests.
In order to enrich my professional baggage, I attended the basic level of the intensive Mentalization-Based Treatment training (MBT). The course was held in London, where Peter Fonagy and Antony Bateman taught me the MBT, the technique they have developed in order to make the health care in severals settings more effective.

I have been trained on the first level of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), arranged by Giunti O.S., at the Childhood Neuropsychiatric ward of the hospital “Ospedale di Circolo”, in Busto Arsizio - Italy."

Since December 2012, I am allowed to practice Psychology in Canton Ticino (Switzerland).
For further information, find here the detailed and updated european curriculum.