Io mi ero perduto in me stesso e tu sei venuta a darmi mie notizie…

First step

August 13th, 2017 | Posted by Sara in Snooping around

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The first step is usually considered the hardest.

There are no definite rules. When you feel like doing it, you just do it, no matter what. You already know that the result won’t probably be what you planned in your mind, but anyway…

So many months are flown away, since the last time I published a post: that’s way this one seems like a first step to me. I am already breaking all the good-blogger rules may be… but I know I’m not a good one, so no concern ;-) In the blogger world, you can’t publish on Sunday, worst of the worst the Sunday during the most felt holiday weekend here in Italy, the August 15th holiday. So, I’m prepared: I know that may be no-one will read these lines, that will be hanging around for a while.

I’m not caring too much about it – the thing is I’m looking out the window for the first time after some time ;-)

Many things happened: new knowledges, new people, new projects. The direction? To deepen my understanding on how World works.

Be patient: you will be paid back ;-)

Thank you for reading me!

Enjoy this August 15th ;-)

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