Io mi ero perduto in me stesso e tu sei venuta a darmi mie notizie…

On the breath’s wings…

September 9th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Psychology

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The breath, inhale and exhale: while we breath, in our body, in every smallest cell, so many things take place. The same when you look away, as if you are gazing the empty space, and you notice how hard aunts are working to gain food or to build their own nest.

I practice Yoga since I was a child and for many years on: breath is one of the key element of a lesson, sometime the only actual protagonist.

Every breath is different through the day, each breath: the air that flows in activate many chemical and biological precesses; the air that we exhale make other processes to start. When we inhale next time, our body isn’t actually the same as before the last breath, in an ever-ending succession of tiny and subtle changes.

[You know that I like going from the small to the big, looking at each leave of the tree and ten at the forest as a whole]

The breath’s configuration applies to everything. Each moment of our day is different to one another, even when we always repeat the same things, as if we were into an alienating routine.

But, let me see… actually there is no alienating routine. In every gestures, we can find that particular that makes it different from the previous one. It’s up to us being curious enough and present to ourselves in order to get these differences.

Even the encounters between people follow the same dynamic in my opinion: no-one is the same person as the previous time, so that each encounter is a surprise. Each meeting is a Whole Moment in itself, with its start, its develop and its end. It transforms us, let traces into us, that are with us forever.

It could happen that these moments, as pearls of a neckless, weave a story that can last in the future. Or maybe , we meet people one time only.

No specific reasons. It simply happens.

But every encounters will have been special in some ways, to Us, to the Other. The thing is that we can’t know it before. If we are trained, it could be possible to catch something while we are experiencing it, otherwise and mostly, later in the future.

So, at the end of the story, we have the Present and our breath at our disposal, a let-go exercise, the closest experience to Death we can live while we are Alive.

P.S.: about Whole Moment, I suggest to watch this video


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