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Gustando il cinema – the Backstage

September 5th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Events

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My Backstage. According to my experience, through my eyes.

A huge project, entirely thought by Sarah Maestri - italian famous actress – I have already hosted here. 3 years of hard work, made of travels from the North to the South of Italy, searching for the excellence of out Nation.

2015, Expo year: the Food as main theme has not been chosen by accident, of course.

Sarah has handled the subject from different point of view: gastronomically, with a show cooking where a stellar chef – Piercarlo Zanotti – has battled a blogger mum – Giorgia di Sabatino; cinematographically, with a contest of 10 short film chosen by Kalat Nissa Film Festival; pathologically, with the conference “Food: heal or fault?”, where Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr Laura Saibene and me spoke of our experience with eating disorders, together with excellent guests: the film director Marco Pozzi, the actor and photographer Raffaello Balzo and the blogger mum Giorgia di Sabatino.

I have been in the back stage and on stage at same time.

I worked very close to Verena Allegri Merli, Sarah’s precious assistant, to arrange all the details of our conference: fliers, title of the speeches, slides, press conference,…

Saturday afternoon, two hours before all started, I was in Sala Montanari, in order to arrange the slides for the day-after conference: I had the chance to chat with Sarah, out of breath and overwhelmed by thousands of phone calls to coordinate the hosts reaching Varese.

Tension was growing, no way, you could nearly physically touch it…

Both for the Festival and our conference, the morning after: I would have a speech about diet coaching, as part of the Ars et Cura” Project about Eating Disorders arranged during these months, together with Family Therapy and Genogramma, aspects that Aldo and Laura would have spoken about.

While I was walking from Sala Montanari, where I watched the 10 shot film of the contest, to Piazza Montegrappa, for the show cooking, I was overwhelmed by the subtle excitement, the same that drives you in the flow of events, that make you wish that everything is perfect, because it’s something you believe in, you dedicated so much time and strongly wish that other people like it and understand it. The sunset was beginning and the air was warm. Perfect match.

Few moments later, the show cooking: exceptional godmother Giorgia Wurth. Ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the Festival. Red carpet. Photographers and flashes went crazy.

There was excitement in the air at the end of the night, even more thinking about my presentation the morning after.

Early wake up, something to be defined, small details to be chosen.

9 am, in Sala Montanari: pc on, projector on, slides ok.

I couldn’t do anything else than waiting for the beginning of the conference.

From the left side: Marco Pozzi, Sarah Maestri, Laura Saibene, Mario Cecchetti, sara Maestroni, Aldo Maestroni.

As I told you here, every time I am close to stars, actors and directors, it’s like being over the moon to me. This time, I had the privilege to work all together to enrich the view about the healthy and pathological relationship with food. I like so much the opening speech by Marco Pozzi, director of the movie “Male di miele”: he told us how he had the idea of the film, which was his goal and how firm he had to be to maintain the end he had in mind. He didn’t listen to the producers that asked for a more comforting end, that is the death of the main character, the bulimic girl. Yes, because following the collective imagination, it’s such a *comforting* and *tranquil* scenario thinking that The Problem is the anorexic or bulimic patient. In Sala Montanari, on Sunday morning, our goal was showing something different: family relations are mal-functioning. Relationships, nowadays, tough thing, when the look is missing. I watched the film before. To watch again the clips the director chose in this kind of atmosphere gave me an intense emotion: lacking in dialogues, very intense soundtrack. The pressure of the music and the view of the camera on the girl while she was eating tons of biscuits voraciously gave a sense of the pathos, I was feeling my heartbeat increases and emotions growing in intensity.

Giorgia di Sabatino’s words were perfectly tuned: she talked about her efforts to give her children example of health eating, despite what advs would like us to eat.

Raffaello Balzo, famous Italian actor, told the audience about his direct experience as gym attendee, during the years he was a photographic model. He gave another view on the control one can have on food and his body. At that time – he told us – he had a goal clear in mind: to reach a sculpted body in order to be involved in photographic services that resulted as turning points in his career. For a year, he had a very restricted diet, high in protein rate per day, and a hard physical training that gave him the sculpted body he needed.

Goal reached, end of the strictly control on food.

The capacity to manage that control make healthy the relationship with food.

On Sunday night, the closing show: award ceremony, thanks, music and fun and you could smell the relaxing-Yes-I-did-it atmosphere.

I saw Verena’s face changing during the hours, where I could read all the fatigue and the U-turns she was making so that all could be perfect…

Sarah, tired and shining in the roles both of presenter and mistress of the house: smiling, funny and tranquil managing the unexpected during the live.

Finally, a huge success!!!

Festival closed, articles on papers and services on regional news are coming.

I have a thought in my mind: I always had the idea that celebrity can make all easy. Too simple way of thinking  and absolutely partial.

Things are different actually. We all have a story that leads us in our present choices and our experiences make the direction clear. We all work hard when passionately believe in something that is against what most people wanted to listen.

Sarah strongly wanted this event, paying also attention to eating disorders, a topic she knew wouldn’t have called to attention hundreds of people. She could have changed her mind. But no.

The Director, Marco Pozzi did the same about the ending of his movie “Male di miele”. He told us Sunday morning. If he was agree about the comforting end of the film, he could have had more exposure. But no, he didn’t change his mind.

I strongly believe that we all are Persons, working hard in our path, searching for something, related to our biography. What we find can make our journey easier or not, we all come across obstacles and shortcuts. All depends on the sense we wanted our Journey to have.

I am sincerely grateful for the passionate Persons I am running into.

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