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“Ars et Cura” and Sarah Maestri: accidentally together?

April 20th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Events

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Yes, I have been.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by VIPs… My parents know exactly what I mean, specially my father that, lucky me, brought me to all Cristina D’Avena’s concerts, waiting for me after the autograph-wanted queue…

Growing up, things didn’t go better. Several years ago, at Milano Linate airport I met Giovanni Trapattoni: pen and paper at my fingertips, autograph asked and gained.

I have been lucky enough to meet also Lucio Dalla in Sorrento, where I went to attend a Congress when I worked as Researcher on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

You can easily imagine how excited I was when Dr. Cecchetti told as that Sarah Maestri would have been our Godmother in the first of the three events where “Ars et Cura” would have been introduced to Varese population.

[Stop-motion] Do you remember this last-year article where “Ars et Cura” was walking its first baby-steps at “La Quiete”, Varese? Several busy months have passed: Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr. Laura Saibene and me worked side-by-side to develop a model of intervention, that fits us so well to become something very peculiar.

We consider, then, an interesting project to lay a 3-date training on about dependences, together with “We Care”: “Update on Food, Internet and Drug Dependences: knowledge and perspectives”.

The first meeting was last Thursday, 16th of April, in Varese: “Ars et Cura Approach about diagnosis and treatment of Eating Disorders”.

Dr. Cecchetti – “La Quiete” Chief Medical Officer – inaugurate the meeting as Chairman.

Sarah Maestri was our Godmother: it has been a real honor to meet her in person. She read a passage from her book “La bambina dei fori di carta”: beyond spotlights and success, Sarah wanted to participate to the meeting until the end to share her direct experience. Since she was a child, she suffered from serious diseases linked to food diet, diseases that seems to be overcome.

Careful and sensitive about Eating Disorders, she was surprised by the centrality that Family has in “Ars et Cura” Approach: we consider Family the problem and its solution at the same time, place where the System can find Resources to heal itself. As clinicians, we work to help all the family members to mobilize them, but first of all to become aware of the resources themselves.

What we tried to share with the audience is how much we care about the responsibility each member has in his Family System: in order to a member to heal, each of them has to engage himself in the healing process. The thing is that it is not the single person to be ill: he has *just* signaling to the others that something distressing is going on.

What we do is to take care of the person, his SOS signaling and the rest of the family, setting up a Healing Project based on different aspects: clinical and medical, dietary, psychological and family ones. All the interventions are arranged to work synergistically, where the 3 of us are active protagonist *together* with and *for* the Family.

The outcome: with timing typical for each family system, the energy and the resources – frozen very often – become available again. When this occurs, the changing process is launched and, as the ball on the inclined plane, it can only go further even at different speed. It doesn’t really matter as the process has started again!

Personally, I have been happy about the meeting: I was glad to see several colleagues of us in the audience and realize how grown up is “Ars et Cura” after 1 year. I find myself more engaged in the Equipe and in the Project we are setting up.

From left, Dr. Sara Maestroni, Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr. Laura Saibene

I would like to thank again Dr. Cecchetti and all his staff: our succcess are also due to these amazing people, always open to collaborate with us.

A special thank is for our Godmother Sarah Maestri: it has been a pleasure and a honor to meet her and share with her the event.

Centre, Dott. Cecchetti e Sarah Maestri alla his right. Then, Dr. Aldo Maestroni. From right, Dr Saibene and Dr. Sara Maestroni.

Next date is 14th of May. The topic will be about Internet Dependence: “The INternet Use Disorders: how to answer”.

Protagonist will be Esc Team, Dr. Paolo Giovannelli and his valid group in particular, present also in this first appointment… but I will talk better about them in the next post ;-)

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