Io mi ero perduto in me stesso e tu sei venuta a darmi mie notizie…

First step

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The first step is usually considered the hardest.

There are no definite rules. When you feel like doing it, you just do it, no matter what. You already know that the result won’t probably be what you planned in your mind, but anyway…

So many months are flown away, since the last time I published a post: that’s way this one seems like a first step to me. I am already breaking all the good-blogger rules may be… but I know I’m not a good one, so no concern ;-) In the blogger world, you can’t publish on Sunday, worst of the worst the Sunday during the most felt holiday weekend here in Italy, the August 15th holiday. So, I’m prepared: I know that may be no-one will read these lines, that will be hanging around for a while.

I’m not caring too much about it – the thing is I’m looking out the window for the first time after some time ;-)

Many things happened: new knowledges, new people, new projects. The direction? To deepen my understanding on how World works.

Be patient: you will be paid back ;-)

Thank you for reading me!

Enjoy this August 15th ;-)

On the breath’s wings…

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The breath, inhale and exhale: while we breath, in our body, in every smallest cell, so many things take place. The same when you look away, as if you are gazing the empty space, and you notice how hard aunts are working to gain food or to build their own nest.

I practice Yoga since I was a child and for many years on: breath is one of the key element of a lesson, sometime the only actual protagonist.

Every breath is different through the day, each breath: the air that flows in activate many chemical and biological precesses; the air that we exhale make other processes to start. When we inhale next time, our body isn’t actually the same as before the last breath, in an ever-ending succession of tiny and subtle changes.

[You know that I like going from the small to the big, looking at each leave of the tree and ten at the forest as a whole]

The breath’s configuration applies to everything. Each moment of our day is different to one another, even when we always repeat the same things, as if we were into an alienating routine.

But, let me see… actually there is no alienating routine. In every gestures, we can find that particular that makes it different from the previous one. It’s up to us being curious enough and present to ourselves in order to get these differences.

Even the encounters between people follow the same dynamic in my opinion: no-one is the same person as the previous time, so that each encounter is a surprise. Each meeting is a Whole Moment in itself, with its start, its develop and its end. It transforms us, let traces into us, that are with us forever.

It could happen that these moments, as pearls of a neckless, weave a story that can last in the future. Or maybe , we meet people one time only.

No specific reasons. It simply happens.

But every encounters will have been special in some ways, to Us, to the Other. The thing is that we can’t know it before. If we are trained, it could be possible to catch something while we are experiencing it, otherwise and mostly, later in the future.

So, at the end of the story, we have the Present and our breath at our disposal, a let-go exercise, the closest experience to Death we can live while we are Alive.

P.S.: about Whole Moment, I suggest to watch this video


Gustando il cinema – the Backstage

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My Backstage. According to my experience, through my eyes.

A huge project, entirely thought by Sarah Maestri - italian famous actress – I have already hosted here. 3 years of hard work, made of travels from the North to the South of Italy, searching for the excellence of out Nation.

2015, Expo year: the Food as main theme has not been chosen by accident, of course.

Sarah has handled the subject from different point of view: gastronomically, with a show cooking where a stellar chef – Piercarlo Zanotti – has battled a blogger mum – Giorgia di Sabatino; cinematographically, with a contest of 10 short film chosen by Kalat Nissa Film Festival; pathologically, with the conference “Food: heal or fault?”, where Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr Laura Saibene and me spoke of our experience with eating disorders, together with excellent guests: the film director Marco Pozzi, the actor and photographer Raffaello Balzo and the blogger mum Giorgia di Sabatino.

I have been in the back stage and on stage at same time.

I worked very close to Verena Allegri Merli, Sarah’s precious assistant, to arrange all the details of our conference: fliers, title of the speeches, slides, press conference,…

Saturday afternoon, two hours before all started, I was in Sala Montanari, in order to arrange the slides for the day-after conference: I had the chance to chat with Sarah, out of breath and overwhelmed by thousands of phone calls to coordinate the hosts reaching Varese.

Tension was growing, no way, you could nearly physically touch it…

Both for the Festival and our conference, the morning after: I would have a speech about diet coaching, as part of the Ars et Cura” Project about Eating Disorders arranged during these months, together with Family Therapy and Genogramma, aspects that Aldo and Laura would have spoken about.

While I was walking from Sala Montanari, where I watched the 10 shot film of the contest, to Piazza Montegrappa, for the show cooking, I was overwhelmed by the subtle excitement, the same that drives you in the flow of events, that make you wish that everything is perfect, because it’s something you believe in, you dedicated so much time and strongly wish that other people like it and understand it. The sunset was beginning and the air was warm. Perfect match.

Few moments later, the show cooking: exceptional godmother Giorgia Wurth. Ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the Festival. Red carpet. Photographers and flashes went crazy.

There was excitement in the air at the end of the night, even more thinking about my presentation the morning after.

Early wake up, something to be defined, small details to be chosen.

9 am, in Sala Montanari: pc on, projector on, slides ok.

I couldn’t do anything else than waiting for the beginning of the conference.

From the left side: Marco Pozzi, Sarah Maestri, Laura Saibene, Mario Cecchetti, sara Maestroni, Aldo Maestroni.

As I told you here, every time I am close to stars, actors and directors, it’s like being over the moon to me. This time, I had the privilege to work all together to enrich the view about the healthy and pathological relationship with food. I like so much the opening speech by Marco Pozzi, director of the movie “Male di miele”: he told us how he had the idea of the film, which was his goal and how firm he had to be to maintain the end he had in mind. He didn’t listen to the producers that asked for a more comforting end, that is the death of the main character, the bulimic girl. Yes, because following the collective imagination, it’s such a *comforting* and *tranquil* scenario thinking that The Problem is the anorexic or bulimic patient. In Sala Montanari, on Sunday morning, our goal was showing something different: family relations are mal-functioning. Relationships, nowadays, tough thing, when the look is missing. I watched the film before. To watch again the clips the director chose in this kind of atmosphere gave me an intense emotion: lacking in dialogues, very intense soundtrack. The pressure of the music and the view of the camera on the girl while she was eating tons of biscuits voraciously gave a sense of the pathos, I was feeling my heartbeat increases and emotions growing in intensity.

Giorgia di Sabatino’s words were perfectly tuned: she talked about her efforts to give her children example of health eating, despite what advs would like us to eat.

Raffaello Balzo, famous Italian actor, told the audience about his direct experience as gym attendee, during the years he was a photographic model. He gave another view on the control one can have on food and his body. At that time – he told us – he had a goal clear in mind: to reach a sculpted body in order to be involved in photographic services that resulted as turning points in his career. For a year, he had a very restricted diet, high in protein rate per day, and a hard physical training that gave him the sculpted body he needed.

Goal reached, end of the strictly control on food.

The capacity to manage that control make healthy the relationship with food.

On Sunday night, the closing show: award ceremony, thanks, music and fun and you could smell the relaxing-Yes-I-did-it atmosphere.

I saw Verena’s face changing during the hours, where I could read all the fatigue and the U-turns she was making so that all could be perfect…

Sarah, tired and shining in the roles both of presenter and mistress of the house: smiling, funny and tranquil managing the unexpected during the live.

Finally, a huge success!!!

Festival closed, articles on papers and services on regional news are coming.

I have a thought in my mind: I always had the idea that celebrity can make all easy. Too simple way of thinking  and absolutely partial.

Things are different actually. We all have a story that leads us in our present choices and our experiences make the direction clear. We all work hard when passionately believe in something that is against what most people wanted to listen.

Sarah strongly wanted this event, paying also attention to eating disorders, a topic she knew wouldn’t have called to attention hundreds of people. She could have changed her mind. But no.

The Director, Marco Pozzi did the same about the ending of his movie “Male di miele”. He told us Sunday morning. If he was agree about the comforting end of the film, he could have had more exposure. But no, he didn’t change his mind.

I strongly believe that we all are Persons, working hard in our path, searching for something, related to our biography. What we find can make our journey easier or not, we all come across obstacles and shortcuts. All depends on the sense we wanted our Journey to have.

I am sincerely grateful for the passionate Persons I am running into.

Yes, I have been.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by VIPs… My parents know exactly what I mean, specially my father that, lucky me, brought me to all Cristina D’Avena’s concerts, waiting for me after the autograph-wanted queue…

Growing up, things didn’t go better. Several years ago, at Milano Linate airport I met Giovanni Trapattoni: pen and paper at my fingertips, autograph asked and gained.

I have been lucky enough to meet also Lucio Dalla in Sorrento, where I went to attend a Congress when I worked as Researcher on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

You can easily imagine how excited I was when Dr. Cecchetti told as that Sarah Maestri would have been our Godmother in the first of the three events where “Ars et Cura” would have been introduced to Varese population.

[Stop-motion] Do you remember this last-year article where “Ars et Cura” was walking its first baby-steps at “La Quiete”, Varese? Several busy months have passed: Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr. Laura Saibene and me worked side-by-side to develop a model of intervention, that fits us so well to become something very peculiar.

We consider, then, an interesting project to lay a 3-date training on about dependences, together with “We Care”: “Update on Food, Internet and Drug Dependences: knowledge and perspectives”.

The first meeting was last Thursday, 16th of April, in Varese: “Ars et Cura Approach about diagnosis and treatment of Eating Disorders”.

Dr. Cecchetti – “La Quiete” Chief Medical Officer – inaugurate the meeting as Chairman.

Sarah Maestri was our Godmother: it has been a real honor to meet her in person. She read a passage from her book “La bambina dei fori di carta”: beyond spotlights and success, Sarah wanted to participate to the meeting until the end to share her direct experience. Since she was a child, she suffered from serious diseases linked to food diet, diseases that seems to be overcome.

Careful and sensitive about Eating Disorders, she was surprised by the centrality that Family has in “Ars et Cura” Approach: we consider Family the problem and its solution at the same time, place where the System can find Resources to heal itself. As clinicians, we work to help all the family members to mobilize them, but first of all to become aware of the resources themselves.

What we tried to share with the audience is how much we care about the responsibility each member has in his Family System: in order to a member to heal, each of them has to engage himself in the healing process. The thing is that it is not the single person to be ill: he has *just* signaling to the others that something distressing is going on.

What we do is to take care of the person, his SOS signaling and the rest of the family, setting up a Healing Project based on different aspects: clinical and medical, dietary, psychological and family ones. All the interventions are arranged to work synergistically, where the 3 of us are active protagonist *together* with and *for* the Family.

The outcome: with timing typical for each family system, the energy and the resources – frozen very often – become available again. When this occurs, the changing process is launched and, as the ball on the inclined plane, it can only go further even at different speed. It doesn’t really matter as the process has started again!

Personally, I have been happy about the meeting: I was glad to see several colleagues of us in the audience and realize how grown up is “Ars et Cura” after 1 year. I find myself more engaged in the Equipe and in the Project we are setting up.

From left, Dr. Sara Maestroni, Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr. Laura Saibene

I would like to thank again Dr. Cecchetti and all his staff: our succcess are also due to these amazing people, always open to collaborate with us.

A special thank is for our Godmother Sarah Maestri: it has been a pleasure and a honor to meet her and share with her the event.

Centre, Dott. Cecchetti e Sarah Maestri alla his right. Then, Dr. Aldo Maestroni. From right, Dr Saibene and Dr. Sara Maestroni.

Next date is 14th of May. The topic will be about Internet Dependence: “The INternet Use Disorders: how to answer”.

Protagonist will be Esc Team, Dr. Paolo Giovannelli and his valid group in particular, present also in this first appointment… but I will talk better about them in the next post ;-)

Bread and Ground

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The to-tell-you list has become longer once again… it’s time for me to tell you what is going on…!

Do you remember the weekend I should have done in Naples, actually in “La Pampa Relais”, organized by Sonia from the Pasto Nudo Association?

Here, I was talking about the way Sonia phoned me asking me to give this two-day class: the major topic was ancient grains and sourdough bread. If you know me a little, you know I couldn’t reject such an opportunity!

To be honest with you, I was quite anxious the day before, also because I would have flown in a *general public transportation strike*… I had scenes of myself never getting the plane due to the delay or spending the whole night at Malpensa airport… surprisingly, never of that happened! The flight was perfectly on time and no obstacles appeared on my way… lucky me!

Sourdough ready for take off!

Aprons, booklets and [Triticum – monococcum] sourdough ready.

The group of participants as well: people were genuinely curious about bread-making art and the quality of the food we eat.

I strongly believe that never happens by chance: I met, among others, people attending the course *by accident*, on their own way of food awareness yet, while others were moving their first steps.

I couldn’t have asked for more! These are the conditions that create an atmosphere full of intensity, curiosity and openness. And the most curious of all was Francesco, the lord of the house!

Breakfast room

The booklet


Things passed smoothly, alternating the theoretical part about leavening process and food diet with the practice, where people have had a finger in the pie, kneading ancient Farro bread and brioches, had for breakfast the day after.

At the end of the weekend, the classical sourdough *push* and warm greetings, paving the way for a brand new experience like this near in the future!

Waiting at the airport for my flight to Milan I was so happy! It was pure joy, not only because the bread we baked was good, but for the experience in its whole.

I have been really impressed by Francesco’s tenacity: he knows very well the environment – not only from an agricultural point of view – and he is spending so much energy in setting up a virtuous circle, with positive consequences for the environment, close to the people ready for such a change. At the bottom, there is a thought I feel mine as well: the Human Being is going *too far* from the concrete fruit of his job. Human Beings need to recognize a direct relationship between their job and what they produce: agriculture, make-bread art and make-cheese art can create this link, causing positive consequences, psychological as well!

Can you understand now why Sonia couldn’t do anything but sustain this kind of project?!?

I haven’t mentioned yet what is “La Pampa” like: surrounded by a Natural Park with woods, vegetable gardens and animals, far from cities and where you can hardly do a phone call… an actual treat instead of a problem I’d say… ;-)

Few rooms, very well-finished, using recycled and natural materials.

What can I say about the staff?!? Chef Antonio, always quarreling with his wife, Annalisa and Anna: together with others, they have been so nice with me, going through my back and forth from and to the kitchen, where I was refreshing the Mother Dough or weighing flours. I enjoyed very much this part: I experienced live what is the life in the kitchen like.

Last, but not least, if you need some information about the native food products, you can ask to Carlo Alberto: quite and professional man, he will make your mind clear.

At the end, can you feel how much I enjoyed this experience?!?

Once again, thanks to Sourdough: it is the way for me to create linkages through people, in their own way to the awareness, *also* about food.

From North to South and back

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There are moments in life when you realize the path you did… day by day, you live your life, completely into your job, your family routine, doing your best, always. You don’t pay too much attention to the path, how many kilometers you did, but you go on, sometimes more self-confident, sometime less.

Then, something happens… what makes you look around and makes you say: “Can you believe it? I’m not playing anymore in the kindergarden, I’m actual in the adulthood!”. When it happens, it’s such a recharge in energy and enthusiasm!

And it is exactly what happened to me in those past months and two different events are coming.

The first one will take place the 1st and 2nd of November, at the La Pampa relais in Melizzano (BN), one of the last small and new reality you can find on the PastoNudo, thank to Sonia.

At 1am of a common day, Sonia phoned me, asking me if I would have liked running a two-day class about sourdough bread and ancient grains: after few moments, I said “Yes, of course!”. So, time is flying and I am almost ready for the departure… excited and honored at same time.

Lucky me, I am not the only “teacher”: you will listen to two other speakers – a physician and a journalist – talking about the impact modern grains have on our health on one hand, and about cereals and agriculture in South Italy on the other. I will run the bread-making lab and a short speech about the relationships between cereals, food and emotions.

The second event is the 8th of November, in Milan at BioEsserì and it is about cereals as well.

But this time, Prof. Giannattasio himself asked me to organize one-day workshop about the connections between cereals and health. I will talk about the role of emotions and, during the afternoon, I run a short demonstration about sourdough.

At the end of the story, I can only say that my hard work during these years is paying me back!

Let’s go on!

Don’t forget, if you are in the neighborhood, to come and visit us ;-)

We’re almost there…

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My daily Sourdough Bread

I haven’t realized until I read the schedule in detail that Nicola Supiot will lead us for the major part of the time during the immersion course will take place in Pavia (Italy), next October: “The art of health eating: the bread, good and fair cereals, the diet”.

Compares to the other events the Association for the Biodynamic Agriculture have organized, this time fewer relators will participate and there will be one practical class, except for the artistic one in the early morning. It is the Nicolas Supiot’s lab, considered the best baker in the world. He talks about himself as “baker farmer”: it’s something unusual that I noticed as it is far from the “Master”-tag I have listened to so many times about the bread Art.

Watch at this video (French speaking), just one among many, I’ve found in the net: it’s such amazing what he does… As you can imagine, if you know me, I can’t wait for it!

Lucky me, I’ve had the opportunity to attend many baking classes, to meet different bakers-teachers, some of the most well-considered. I have the feeling, though, I will be amazed by what I will see and I will experience at the Cascine Orsine: different concepts, may be far from what I learned until now. All considered, it seems like new air is waiting for me!

In addition to him, there will be the Prof. you should know – Prof. Giannattasio – and Prof. Benedettelli: they talk about the correlation between cereals and health. Then, I will listen to Aldo Paravicini, Franco Pedrini, Regula Pedretti and Paolo Toniolo: each of them will teach us about cereals from different points of view. It will be up to us like attendants put the picture together… so, are you ready?!?

If someone had doubts and was asking to himself why this is a major topic to be interested in, here you are what Giulia Maria Crespi told me [my translation]:

Nowadays, we are overwhelmed by messages, offers and temptations of any kind: so often, we lack of the awareness for some important life settings. Among these, the Health and consequently Food Diet.

Make some principles clear, make conscious and shared some essential facts, to report frauds and falsifications by groups where gain money and to indicate how to pave the way for a healthier life, strictly connected with our soul’s health: these are some of the important things contemporary times desperately ask us to do!

The Cascine Orsine Farm, where these principles are followed, is the best place to experience what I have just said.

If you are interested in the course, contact the Association directly ;-)

SANA day in Bologna

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There we are… Everything is almost ready for the new season, officially open.

Hope you spent a pleasant vacation time, daily-routine free so that you now could feel the elan vital, typical of the new starting period. 

For my personal new beginning, I have chosen an event I had already attended last year: the SANA, in Bologna, in its 26th edition, a fair about the organic food and the health in general.

No conferences of the Prof. you should know, this year I have been invited by EcorNaturaSì to join a playfully appointment, focused on food… as usual!

The same characters of this event have led us through an involving experience, where we could have a finger in the pie… again and as usual ;-) But this time, we have had much more time: the Chef Antonio Scaccio had the time to teach us about each ingredient, talking about its characteristics and the best way to cook it. He focused on the ancient cereals, like the Timilia wheat or the Solina wheat, for example, that we used to bake tasty sourdough focaccia and pizza.

The Chef is preparing motherdough focaccia… yummy!

The atmosphere was warm and cosy thanks to Valore Alimentare’s staff: all the women involved are great in creating an informal but professional mood, where you can learn new things and directly talk to the farmers that works to produce healthy vegetables or dairy products. “Le Terre di Ecor” project has exactly this purpose: to make faces visible and stand surety for the productive processes.



I also went around by myself: early at the beginning, I breathed a light and almost vacation-like atmosphere, where lights and colours light up curiosity and the wish to discover what’s happening. I like meet and come across people’s faces. I like to observe and feel.

But. A “but” stronger and stronger the more time passed and at home at the end of the day.

There is a risk that the underlying commercial philosophy is always the same. That the economical gain is always at the top of the list.

Be us at our toes, with the eyes well open. It’s essential that we pay attention to and read food labels. It’ important to ask for what we are buying. Keep informed. We can’t stop at the first explanation we listen to. We need to go further deeply. We are playing with *our* health ;-)


Save the date

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[I am very sorry but this English version lacks of some of the hyperlinks present in the italian one]

Thanks God, something happens that brings me at my desk, writing a new post… exactly what I would like to talk to you today.

It is a preview of what will take place next October in Pavia (Italy), at the farm you should yet know.

The most extraordinary thing about the immersion course is that will be about grain and sourdough… and you know how much I am in love with it… The title is: “The art of healthy diet. Bread, fair and good cereals, diets“.

Theoretical and practical immersion course about a healthy and genuine diet

When the Italian Association for Biodynamic Agriculture sent me the program, I was so excited and you know why?!?

First of all, the speakers will join the event are at the top (Prof. Giannattasio shoud sound familiar to you…or not?) and then, the labs have to do with sourdough, thanks to the Master Baker Nicolas Supiot (if you google the name, you will find lots of docs and videos), who makes bread experiencing the Steiner’s philosophy.

Can you believe it?!? I would never be able to hide the news to all my bakers friends…!

If you are familiar with the Italian language, here you can find all the info you need. If you are not but you are still curious, leave a comment here or write me an email – I will be more than happy to answer you ;-)

Anyway, you will listen of it again in the future, as I would like to interview some of the speakers and write a post in September… stay tuned!

I would also like you to know that other new projects are growing: different areas and different subjects. I am working hard to integrate knowledge both psychological and biological as a whole, in something integrated and harmonious.

There is also another date to save: 8th of November. You will know more about soon.

Here in Italy, it’s time to summer holidays: if it is the same for you, enjoy the break ;-)

If not, have a nice time as well, waiting for the new brand season!


Food: the other face

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Finally, the time has come…!

Here it is the main project I work on during these months, one of the reasons why I have published just few articles on the blog… – but, be confident, my to-do-list is near to the end ;-)

As you know, here I talk about different topics, the major part about food, from many point of view: nutritional, my direct experiences or the psychological one. I have never told you anything about the one we all perfectly know exists but hard to pronounce: the pathology linked to food, as well as restriction or excess.

In one case, we refer to anorexia, in the other to overweight and obesity.

“Mangiatori di patate” – V. Van Gogh – 1885

If you have snoop around the blog a little, you know that I work at the “Mara Selvini” Centre in Saronno – linked to the main one in Milan – specialized in the diagnosis and the cure of eating disorders.

It is some years since a close-knit Equipe has been grown, with Dr. Aldo Maestroni and Dr Laura Saibene: the first one is Physician and Family Therapist, while the second is Psychologist and close to become Family Therapist as well. And me, of course – you should know who I am by now… if not, have a look here ;-)

Do you believe in *coincidences*? Well, I do and what I am going to tell you goes to same direction.

You have to know, actually, that Dr. Maestroni – my father as well – was having an idea into his mind from the very beginning. He always thought about a therapeutic program that suited these persons, who express malaise, both personal and systemic, using food as a vehicle, on the anorexic side or the obesity one.

He went on to observe how big was the fragmentation, in terms of number of professionals, around the family and the ill person: physician, nutritionist, endocrinologist, psychologist,… During these years, he noticed that the most successful cases were ones where he succeeded in taking care both the patient and the whole family system, accepted listening to its needs and requests, keeping small the number of the professionals involved.

“How is it possible?”, are you asking. As you are very interested readers, I am sure you didn’t miss the fact that each of us has different competencies. Our strengths.

But I haven’t talked about coincidences yet…

At the beginning of this year, annoyed by this situation, Aldo chose, among many, a clinic, able to complete the project he was thinking about: he needed a structure, able to accept the patients every time the thinness or the obesity are endangering their own life.

The clinic is named: “La Quiete”, in Varese (North of Italy): after the first interviews with the General Director Dr Alessandro Tosti and the Health Director Dr. Mario Cecchetti, off we go! It has been like love at first sight!

Since then – two months of time – we admitted to the clinic some patients, as Ars et Cura” Centre: we are at the forefront, applying our model of operation.

“Ars et Cura”: Dr. Aldo Maestroni, Dr. Sara Maestroni, Dr. Laura Saibene

It has to be said that the entire medical staff is over the top: our job is possible also because of it. It is such a pleasure coordinate each other and share our professional time together… it is a real treat, very rare.

If you are reading these lines and if you are familiar with the Italian language, you can’t miss the interview we have done: on a local TV station, we have tried to explain, as clear as we could, our way of taking care of these patients and their family… as every single person of the family, the family system itself and us, together, are the main actor of the therapy!