In a competitive market, the more your team is close-knit the more are the chances to be successful .

The key point is just the team: how many times the achievement of an important goal for the company lays on a tight-knit team? One of the main ingredient of a successful company is found in the relationship between colleagues: that is why constant attentions are needed. In fact, it enhances the achievements and becomes a valuable resource during difficult times. Even if one of its member has personal issues, being part of the team helps a lot, thank to the contribution of each member. To think about the team means to think about also to the individual that belongs to it.

The collaborative Assessment is a cutting-edge instrument that enriches the most popular psychological instruments and commonly used in businesses.

Thanks to the psychological consult, the observation and the collaborative use of the most reliable psychological tests, it is possible to select the best candidates that fit the characteristics wanted by the company. it is possible as well to assess the team status quo, highlighting the strengths and the weak points, with the purpose of reinforcing the first ones and fixing the latter.

For its peculiar characteristics, the collaborative assessment may be applied in the most different ares, starting from the small family-based company to the multinational, from the financial area until the aeronautic and aerospace.

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